Tailor's Bunion

A Tailor’s Bunion is a painful bump seen on the outside of the foot, just behind the little toe. It is often red and painful, and is usually worst when wearing shoes. It is also often associated with a turning of the little toe into the fourth toe.

The causes of tailor’s bunions include incorrect biomechanics of the foot, as well as familial tendencies to develop tailor’s bunions. Many people who develop tailor’s bunions also develop bunions.

The diagnosis of tailor’s bunion is done by your doctor after a history is taken and a physical examination of the area is performed. X-rays are useful in helping to determine the severity of a tailor’s bunion.

Non surgical treatment of tailor’s bunions include the use of medication to decrease the inflammation at the site, the use of wider and softer shoes to decrease pressure on the bump, or the use of custom orthotics to change the biomechanics and decrease the pressure on the area.

Surgical treatments include the removal of the bump and repositioning of the misaligned fifth metatarsal. This is performed on an outpatient basis, with the goal of surgery being to help you return to an active, pain free lifestyle. Drs. Notari and Subik are Board Certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery.


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