Ingrown Nails

Nails can sometimes grow into the skin they border instead of growing straight. When this happens an ingrown nail can occur. This can lead to pain, redness, and difficulty wearing shoes. In severe cases the infection can progress to other parts of the foot (cellulitis).

The causes of ingrown nails can include over aggressive cutting of the nail border, either by a patient or during a pedicure. Sometimes there are familial tendencies to develop ingrown nails. Ingrown nails can occur at any age, from infants to the elderly.

In order to prevent ingrown nails from occurring, it is important to cut your nails straight across the tip, and do not cut into the nail borders. PEDICURISTS SHOULD NEVER CUT DOWN A NAIL BORDER, AND TO DO SO VIOLATES THE LAWS SET FORTH BY THE N.J. BOARD OF MEDICAL EXAMINERS. Never cut your nails too short.

If you suffer from an ingrown nail, it is usually easy to treat in the office of a trained Podiatrist. The painful nail border is numbed, and the ingrown part of the nail is removed, usually with the ability to return to normal activity immediately.


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