A Bunion is a misalignment of the big toe joint, often causing pain with and without shoes. It is a common foot problem that limits the ability to participate in pain free activity, and makes it difficult to find comfortable fitting shoes. Fortunately, bunions can be successfully treated.

The causes of bunions include incorrect biomechanics of the foot, joint damage secondary to trauma, or a familial tendency to develop bunions. There are two types of bunions.

Positional bunions are caused by an increase of bone (bump) on the inside of the foot just behind the big toe. Structural bunions are caused by a progressive increase in the angle between the first two metatarsal bones. Most bunions are a combination of both positional and structural changes.

A diagnosis of what type of bunion you may have is done with a combination of a history, physical examination and x- ray evaluation of your foot. Once this is completed, a consultation regarding which treatment option is best suited for you can take place.

Non surgical treatment options include the use of medication to decrease the pain and inflammation at the bunion joint, the use of wider or softer shoes to decrease the pressure on the bunion, or the use of custom orthotics to change the biomechanics of the bunion joint.

If surgery is indicated, Drs. Notari and Subik are Board Certified Foot and Ankle surgeons who are trained in the latest techniques in bunion surgery. Their goal is to help you return to an active, pain free lifestyle.


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