Diabetes And Your Feet

Diabetic patients are prone to foot problems, because diabetes can cause circulation problems, nerve problems (neuropathy) and skin problems. Having diabetes can increase the risk of developing a serious complication involving your feet.

Neuropathy is a condition that can occur with diabetes. It is the change or loss of sensation (feeling) in feet. It can lead to painful burning of the feet, and the loss of feeling can lead to the development of ulcers (wounds) in pressure areas of the feet that can develop into serious infections.

Poor circulation (peripheral vascular disease) can reduce the blood flow to your feet, making it harder or impossible for the body to heal simple cuts or serious wounds. This can lead to severe infections developing.

Skin problems seen in diabetic patients include excessive dryness, scaling or cracking of the skin on the feet. It is important that diabetic patients protect their skin to prevent infections from starting.

Any abnormal appearance of the skin or nails of feet in diabetic patients should be taken seriously, and evaluated promptly by a Podiatrist.

Dr. Notari is on staff at the Hackensack University Medical Center Wound Center, and the St. Mary’s Hospital Wound Care Center, where he treats diabetic foot problems of all severity.

Dr. Subik is the Director of the St. Mary’s Hospital Wound Care Center and has extensive experience in treating diabetic wounds.


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